U-Trap-It Version 7.0

Version 7.0 of the U-Trap-It System brings many new enhancements:


  • System rewritten in latest version of development software which results in making overall system 30% faster than previous version.
  • For reports which includes all device types, now only device types present at a facility will be included in reports (i.e. no Bird Style devices present then no blank Bird Style report page).
  • Upgraded electronic notebook which is universally available on all Android, iOS (Apple), and PC operating systems. The notebook will be accessible on all devices using these operating systems including all Smartphones.
  • Assessment Pro* updated, provides the professional solution to perform FSMA required pest risk assessments and improve the service facility’s environment to stop pest activity.
  • “Upon Upload” Report Generator Scheduling – If a Report Package uses this criteria type then when a service for the account is uploaded it will initiate that Report Package to be generated automatically.
  • “Last 18 Months” report criteria added as a choice for report and graph data timeframe.
  • Help information screens have been added throughout.
  • New “Collection Analysis" report is a condensed report which shows route of service inspection with time stamp each location is scanned, type of device at Service Location, method of location input (i.e. scanned, manually entered, etc.), pest activity, status of the device, and other condensed information.
  • Freehand text notes and photos can be added to Job/Service notes and also during Location servicing, Environmental Deficiencies reporting, and regarding Applications. Photos can be enabled/disabled for accounts.
  • Desktop version of the Service Report now includes freehand text notes and photos.
  • Improved printing of HotSpots* spatial analysis tool.
  • Printing Area Layouts with Activity Only Checked –
    • Only prints those Area Layouts that have activity.
    • It will also print only layouts which have activity for each pest type (i.e. Indian Meal Moth) in a chosen pest classification (i.e. Stored Product Pests) and will only display Service Locations on the layouts that have activity for the time period desired.
  • Area Layouts now indicate the date/version of layout.
  • Reminders such as pesticide license expiration warnings now display on initial Account Status Screen.
  • Active Alerts and Open Deficiencies Issues now display on initial Account Status Screen.
  • 100's of additional improvements, new features, and tweaks throughout; all reports have been updated.


  • Completely rewritten application in new development system resulting in an even faster application than previous version.
  • Scanner software now has the ability to update anywhere there is an internet or cellular connection.
  • Software automatically updates to latest version when scanner is docked.
  • Software automatically repairs itself when docked.
  • U-Trap-It System and collected data are now backed up on memory card should scanner completely fail or tech receives a new scanner and needs to transfer.
  • Ability to scan a barcode to ensure the correct facility is automatically chosen on the scanner when starting a service.
  • Now ensures that the tech’s pesticide license is entered and active. Ability to add/change a tech's license before performing a service.
  • User now has the ability to review and correct nearly all information collected before finalizing the service.
  • Ability to document important items by taking photos and using freehand text notes for General Service comments, Service Locations, Environmental Deficiencies, and Applications. Method used keeps freehand text still searchable in the System. Highly requested feature by customers.
  • Numerous tweaks throughout the system improving collection of Service Account inspections.

The U-Trap-It System ensures Pest Management Plan success. It is an essential management tool for

"When and Where Pest Management Matters"

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